14 Things I Have Learned After a Year of Interviews

Key lessons I have learned interviewing experts in diverse fields.

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By: Yadira Y. Caro

Over a year ago, I started a series of interviews with experts and rising stars in various industries. Driven by curiosity to learn from people in related fields, my goal was to share these mentorship sessions. This would allow anyone to benefit from the tips shared.

As I look back, here are some key lessons I have learned.

1) Always seek to build relationships and cultivate the ones you already have.
2) Be open to feedback and to collaborate with others.
3) In whichever industry you are currently working, find your niche or specialization, and own it. This will open many opportunities.
4) No matter how accomplished you are and what you have achieved, your fear will not disappear. Instead of waiting to be fearless, confront the fear and go forward.
5) Do not let fear stop you from assuming a leadership role. Find what you need to learn and just do it.
6) As a leader, it is your job to take care of your people and help them find resources to do nurture their talents and overall, be happy.
7) It’s important to know what you want so that you can “align your attention with your intention.” Once you know what you want, tell others so they can direct the right opportunities to you.
8) When seeking job opportunities, a good strategy is to find where you want to go. Then find out what needs are in that market and learn it to get there.
9) Also, if you seek to get into a new field, find what current skills are transferable. There may be more similarities than you think.
10) Always be in learning mode and have a growth mindset. No matter how busy you are, with all resources available today, there are many opportunities to learn at any time.
11) If you want to learn something, you have to do it daily and make it part of your lifestyle.
12) Find mentors, and when you do, and use their time wisely. Know what you want to get of that relationship.
13) Cultivate empathy. When speaking with someone, really listen to their ideas, no matter how crazy they seem, as you may discover something of value.
14) Have a real passion for what a job allows you to accomplish. Believe in the mission and you can be successful.

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