100 Websites I Learned About on Social Media Day

On June 28th I joined hundreds of communicators in the Social Media Day South Florida, an annual get together for anyone interested in learning about the latest trends in social media. The Social Media Day was launched by the Mashable website in 2010 and has been celebrated through national and international meetups.

The event held in Fort Lauderdale included marketers, public information officers, techies, journalists and many other communicators who wanted to hear first hand about what can they do to improve their brands or promote their causes. The enthusiasm of the attendeees vcan be measured by the fact that the hashtag #smdaysfl was the top twee in Miami for a couple of hours on Sunday.

I met great people whom I will be interviewi in the next few weeks for this blog including the event’s founder Alex de Carvalho. In the meantime and in the true spirit of social media sharing, here is a list of 100 Free Marketing Tools to Build your Social and Business Brand, provided by 5Four Digital Marketing founder John Saunders during the segment of the same name. This sheet includes design resources, social media sechedulers, ideas for blogs, SEO tools and my favorite, the list of prodcutivity tools.

Pass it on and check back next week for more interviews!

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