Communicate: Share or exchange information, news or ideas (Oxford Dictionary).

In The Communicate Blog I ask questions to people I want to learn from: experts and thriving talent in the fields of technology, communications, managements, business and arts. As I reach out to them to ask questions and seek some mentorship, I share (communicate!) these Q&As in this blog as it may be of great value to you as well.

I truly believe we all can learn great things from one another. All we need to do, is to communicate!

About me

Hi! I’m Yadira, born and raised in Puerto Rico, I entered the University of PR as a Philosophy major with the goal of becoming a psychologist. After an internship at the university’s radio station newscast, I decided to pursue the field of communications and enrolled at Florida International University to complete a Masters in Journalism. After a couple of years in journalism my career shifted and I became a communications consultant working with customers in the Department of Defense. In the past ten years as a consultant, I have worked in the development of multiple projects and areas: magazine editing and publishing, translation, systems administration, knowledge management, project management, business process improvement and others.

Currently, my job has taken me to Germany where I live with my husband and our two little boys.

-Yadira Y. Caro


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