Communicate: Share or exchange information, news or ideas (Oxford Dictionary).

Communicate Blog started as an effort to engage with professionals in the field of communications. Since my career and interests have widened, I have extended these conversations to professionals in the fields of management, technology, business, art and others. Communicate Blog is an experiment which gives me the opportunity to ask them questions to understand their work and learn from their experience: what differentiates their field, why does their work matter, what have they learned, why is communications important. As I learn from these interviewees, I hope you can learn as well.

About me

Hi! I’m Yadira, born and raised in Puerto Rico, I entered the University of PR as a Philosophy major with the goal of becoming a psychologist. After an internship at the university’s radio station newscast, I decided to pursue the field of communications and enrolled at Florida International University to complete a Masters in Journalism. After a couple of years in journalism my career shifted and I became a communications consultant working with customers in the Department of Defense. In the past ten years as a consultant, I have worked in the development of multiple projects and areas: magazine editing and publishing, translation, systems administration, knowledge management, project management, business process improvement and others.

Currently, my job has taken me to Germany where I live with my husband and our two little boys.

-Yadira Y. Caro


Connect with me on LinkedIn or contact me.

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