Recommended Books, Sites and Podcasts

By: Yadira Y. Caro

In 2018, Communicate Blog featured interviews of experts in diverse fields. In these interviews they clarified some misconceptions of their professions, gave us insights into what motivates them and shared very useful resources.

As you plan the year ahead, here is a list of some of these resources to help get you ahead on your career, or explore a new one.

On Knowledge Management

Stan Garfield’s interview is filled with great info about all aspects of this field, including relevant resources. Knowledge Management is not just about technology, but about community building and sharing.

On becoming a developer (or learning about it)

Listen to the Complete Developer Podcast and check out the interviews with their hosts Will Gant and BJ Burns.

On User Experience and User Interface

If you think you know what UI/UX is about, I recommend reading Think First by Joe Natoli and his interview for additional resources.

On Fashion

Fashion is not just about pretty clothes, it is about reflecting a culture and making a statement. Read Nasheli Juliana’s interview for more details and career inspiration.

On Leadership

If you want to know tips to redefine your career and get inspired, read Mariela Dabbah’s Find Your Inner Red Shoes and her interview for more info.

On Relationship Building

Developing relationships, knowing your audience and striving to find the facts are some of the insights shared by Howard Altman. These journalism lessons can be applied in any field.

Do you have questions, feedback or suggestions of people to interview? Contact me! 

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