Time to learn more

By: Yadira Y. Caro

Interviews have been one of my preferred ways of learning. It’s very compelling to hear stories on how others achieve their goals, how they have dealt with challenges, what processes they use for learning, what compels them to do more. I was excited to finally be able to ask some of these questions to a few great communication professionals this past summer through this blog. Communicate has being a vehicle to learn many lessons and share them with the public.


A repeated theme in the interviews has been to always seek learning. This is why I decided to go back to school for a few months to hopefully gather the skills I can put to practice in my career and future projects. Since launching a blog and making it successful relies on consistency, I’ve decided to put the blog on hold while I take some courses: full time job, family and school will leave me with very limited or no time to publish on a regular basis. Since the list of people I want to pursue for interviews is too long, I am hoping to retake the interviews next year.

Thanks for reading and sharing the content.

Let’s communicate via Twitter @yadicarocaro.

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